2019 Training Institute Requirements

The International Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigator’s Association will hold their 46th Annual Training Institute in San Antonio, Texas from September 14-18th, 2020.


Only sworn law enforcement officers, law enforcement agency personnel with specific analytical investigative functions or prosecutors with valid identification will be allowed to register for the Training Institute.

Membership to IOMGIA is open to persons over the age of 21 years and of good character and community standing, who are currently employed in one of the following capacities:

  • Sworn Law Enforcement Officer
  • Investigative Analyst or Investigative Support Person employed by a Law Enforcement Agency
  • Parole, Probation or Corrections Officer
  • Prosecuting Attorneys


IOMGIA will not allow attendance or membership to persons deemed to be involved in conduct off-duty that is unbecoming or contrary to the stated goals of the association. This includes membership in motorcycle clubs that mimic the structure and/or nature of outlaw motorcycle gangs to include:

  • Wearing three-piece patches
  • Requiring a probationary period for membership.
  • Mandatory rides


  • All attendees must show official identification at Training Institute check-in to verify employment by a law enforcement agency.
  • Training Institute identification is to be worn at all events.
  • Wearing of motorcycle gang support gear is prohibited.
  • Gang related attire will not be worn during the Training Institute


Payment must be received prior to attending the Training Institute.