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Thank you for visiting the IOMGIA website. This page is designed to accommodate our members, citizens from around the world and members of the media who are attempting to learn about outlaw motorcycle gangs. On occasion this site is even visited by outlaw motorcycle gang members and associates who hope to uncover information to thwart gang enforcement. We hope that our legitimate visitors find the IOMGIA homepage useful. IOMGIA was formed over forty-one years ago, as a resource to provide an annual Training Institute and that provides our members with the most current, timely and useful information for gang enforcement. Part of the IOMGIA mission includes skills training and knowledge to enable our members to protect their communities from the growing dangers associated with outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Organized criminal groups including outlaw motorcycle gangs continue to grow and remain unchallenged in many areas of the world. Gangs of all types have often engaged in charitable and positive outreach events to mask the gang’s violent criminal activities with a veneer of respectability. IOMGIA training provides the information to counter these gangs’ attempts to fool the public. Members of IOMGIA are committed to working together to stop the growth of outlaw motorcycle gangs across the world. We are committed to helping you obtain a clear understanding of the crimes being committed by outlaw motorcycle gang members and the negative consequences associated with the growth of gangs.

Please email IOMGIA with questions, comments or requests for assistance. IOMGIA is a non-profit organization.

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