Join / Renew IOMGIA


Membership in the I.O.M.G.I.A. is limited to persons over 18 years of age, of good character and community standing, who are employed in one of the below capacities.

  • Sworn Law Enforcement
  • Investigative Analyst at a Law Enforcement Agency
  • Parole, Probation or Corrections Officer
  • Prosecuting Attorney

Note: Membership will not be granted by the Board of Directors to persons deemed to be involved in conduct off-duty which is unbecoming or contrary to the stated goals of the Corporation. This includes membership in motorcycle clubs, which may mimic the structure or nature of an Outlaw Motorcycle gang to include: wearing three-piece patches, requiring a probationary period to become a member, or having mandatory rides.

The Membership Committee must approve all applications.  IOMGIA reserves the right to deny or revoke membership in accordance with the Association By-Laws.


Membership & Conference Applications are submitted online –

Membership Application

A copy of your law enforcement identification will be required for identification purposes.

After completing the online membership application you will be given access to submit payment.  If you’ve already submitted an application and just need to pay, click here.  Note: A new application form is required even if just renewing membership.

Membership Dues are for period coinciding with the annual conference and expiring at the beginning of the following year’s conference.